Images from our many different type Customer Events


Lighting/Sound for Private and Business Events

  • Private Party
  • Outside Wedding
  • Pool Party
  • Garden Party
  • Business Lunch
  • Ready for the Guest
  • Christmas Party
  • Annual Wine Tasting Club Event
  • Garden Party
  • Garden Party
  • Outside Dance Party
  • Business Lunch
  • Christmas Party
  • Pool Party
  • Business Dinner
  • Ready for a Business Lunch
  • Christmas Party
  • Yard Party



Lighting/Sound for Fund Raisers

  • America Cancer
  • America Cancer
  • American Cancer
  • Fund Raiser at Woodside Horse Park
  • America Cancer
  • Cancer Fub Run
  • Sequoia Hospitak Fund Raiser
  • Dance for School Fund Raiser




Lighting/Sound for Concerts and Bands

  • Redwood City Pal Blues Festival
  • San Jose Jazz Festival
  • Walley Schnalle, San Jose Jazz Festival
  • We are Just About Ready
  • Lighting Tree for a New Play


Interesting Effects using Up-Lighting, Gobos, etc

  • Fund Raiser, Woodside Horse Park
  • Party at Hiller Aviation


Event Planners, Caterers and Event Hosting Venues for your Reference

  • Autovino Event Venue see
  • Events Etc. see
  • Hiller Aviation see
  • Woodside Horse Park, see
  • Brilliant Events.see
  • Holm Event Consulting  650-481-5168
  • Twril Events, see
  • Caitlin & Arnold see

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